Field, Beyond Fiction: Initial Images and Narrative ideas

These are the first images I created for this project, they are just simple ink paintings of the silent film actors featured on the cigarette cards. I have decided to have these film stars as the main focus of my narrative and will create fictional characters out of them. The basis of my narrative will involve a series of characters with different motives in a ‘Cluedo’ like narrative revolved around a disastrous opening night of a new show. Basically, two characters are given staring roles in a new production being produced at a theatre, creating a lot of jealousy, and on opening night lots of ‘accidents’ occur such as falling scenery, trapdoors opening, things falling from the rafters etc. Eventually this leads to a fire in the theatre, causing the production to be cancelled. I plan for the story to be more comedic that dark or tragic because I think it would be funny to see loads of attempts to ruin the show for the two main actors to go wrong, but I do plan on keeping the identity of the jealous actors/actresses a mystery.


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