Field, Beyond Fiction: Sketches

These are a few graphite pencil sketches I did of the actors and actresses featured on the cigarette cards I am using in my narrative. All of the images are taken from my sketchbook and I haven’t drawn simply with just pencil in a long time and it was great to get some practice with these sketches. I found drawing a lot of these very challenging and aren’t completely happy with them, some of them don’t look a lot like the people they are meant too, but, I did enjoy drawing these and like I said earlier it was nice to do something simple which I haven’t done in a while. These images just show that with more practice I could really improve my basic drawing skills and I think I should definitely practice drawing more.

Field, Beyond Fiction: Monoprint Workshop

I have done mono-printing before but decided to attend a workshop on it so that I could learn new techniques. First, we were shown the simple way of mono-printing that I am used to, and then we were shown an interesting way of reversing the process by drawing into the ink and creating a negative image, rather than putting paper on and drawing into it. We could remove the ink with a simple drawing tool or experiment with turps or white spirit to remove large amounts of ink and create an image, once the rightful ink had been removed, the printing press was used to print the image into a piece of paper. We were also shown how we could mono-print onto existing images such as newspaper to create an interesting image.

Due to the time I didn’t have a chance to mono-print in the studio or try any of the new techniques I had learned, but would very much like to try them in the future.  Instead a made a series of very small mono-prints at home based on the images of the actors and actresses on the cigarette cards. After finishing the mono-prints, I added more detail to the sketches on the reverse side of the mono-prints because I really like how they looked as well as the original mono-prints, here they are below. Some of the images look rather blurred or unfocused due to the texture of the hand made paper, but, I personally quite like the effect because it gives them and old and worn look which fits the black and white, 1920’s time period of the silent films these actors and actresses starred in.

Field, Beyond Fiction: Initial Images and Narrative ideas

These are the first images I created for this project, they are just simple ink paintings of the silent film actors featured on the cigarette cards. I have decided to have these film stars as the main focus of my narrative and will create fictional characters out of them. The basis of my narrative will involve a series of characters with different motives in a ‘Cluedo’ like narrative revolved around a disastrous opening night of a new show. Basically, two characters are given staring roles in a new production being produced at a theatre, creating a lot of jealousy, and on opening night lots of ‘accidents’ occur such as falling scenery, trapdoors opening, things falling from the rafters etc. Eventually this leads to a fire in the theatre, causing the production to be cancelled. I plan for the story to be more comedic that dark or tragic because I think it would be funny to see loads of attempts to ruin the show for the two main actors to go wrong, but I do plan on keeping the identity of the jealous actors/actresses a mystery.