Charity Project: Save the Elephants, Initial Images and Poster Ideas.

Here are more of the initial images I created for the Save the Elephants charity campaign, I continued to experiment with colour and simple shapes. I tried simplifying the shape of the elephants even more than my previous images to create a more stylised look and cut the shapes from watercolour paper on which I had let different inks run into each other. I really like the overall effect with how they look, and I particularly like how the different colour inks blended together.

Below are my first designs and compositions for the posters. I began to play around with text a lot at this stage and decided to use my own rather than digital typefaces as I preferred the overall effect. I also tried layering text on top of some of my previous initial images to see how they worked together.

Charity Project: Save the Elephants, Initial Images.

For this project, we had to create a campaign for a charity of our own choice and for our final outcome, we had to choose between a moving advert on the London Underground, a 30 second television/ web advert, a series of 3 posters, a booklet of brochure or an innovative campaign of our own creation. I decided to create a series of posters for the Save the Elephants charity simply because I’m an animal lover but its not something that I explore often in my work and this amazing charity would give me the opportunity to try something new in my work.

I wanted to continue to work with the use of simple shapes for this project like I did with the Kapalan calendar and print campaign briefs, and also aimed to play with colour, shape, composition and negative space. For research, I looked at the paper cuts of Matisse and the work of Marion Deuchars as well as Polish poster design and was really inspired to work with simple shapes and advertising. I created some of the elephant images by cutting different parts of the body from different coloured ink washed paper and then piecing them together, creating simple, silhouette style images. As part of my research I also looked at Kalighat, Gond and African patterns and art to create the patterned elephants below.